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Nova Scotia, Canada – 1, Lobster

3 Aug


 So what do you eat on your first night in Hubbards, Nova Scotia? – a massive Lobster with lots of yummy butter of course!  Recommended by the owner of our cottage, we headed to The Shore Club (, right after our short flight on Porter Airlines and a half an hour drive from Halifax Airport.   The Shore Club, the original Lobster Supper & Dance Club did not disappoint; for $30 a person you get a small lobster (large by my standards!), all-you-can-eat salad & mussels and three copious desserts to choose from – all served of course with that wonderful Nova Scotia hospitality!

This dinner will of course beg for more…. as Emile & Filou have now developed the taste for this delicious local delicacy – they just LOVED it!  Jichan (grandpa) taught Filou to eat the head of the Lobster and all the yummy goodies, such as the liver, inside…And Emile was thrilled with the large pieces of lobster in the tail of this yummy water creature (that his godfather Nuno generously shared with him).  Anthony was also quite happy to leave his fashion sense behind for an evening, and strap on a lovely plastic Lobster Bib…to dig in!

Image 3

The lobsters at the Shore Club were cooked & prepared outside the restaurant in huge boiling pots, and when making friendly conversation with the chefs, the boys got a behind-the-scenes tour.  Quickly put to work, they got to pick out the next order of live lobster – swimming in a bucket full of ocean water.  The chef was impressed that the boys were not fearful at all of holding the animals, as the large claws can basically snap off a finger (these claws were of course held together with an elastic band – but even the small claws held a very strong grip on the boys’ fingers).  And after they learned some interesting facts about lobsters, such as how to distinguish a male from a female, they quickly made their way into the restaurant to eat.

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And eating we did. Following a week of scrumptious scallops, haddock and lobster rolls (even eggs with lobster for breakfast!) – what did we decide to eat on our last night in Nova Scotia? Another delicious lobster each at the Shore Club of course – as it was the perfect ending to a week of gourmet eating!